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Recent Police Brutality - Excessive Force Articles
Police brutality is a term used to describe any excessive and unnecessary physical force, assault, or verbal abuse used by law enforcement when dealing with the public. The United States Code, the laws that govern the day to day running of the country, states that any person working under the authority of a state law enforcement body who violates the civil rights of anyone in the U.S. is liable to pay for any damages they cause.

There are some widely known cases of police brutality, but there are thousands more that never receive nationwide media attention. Any time a police officer abuses his or her authority and inflicts undue suffering on any person it is an affront to not only the victim of the pain, but to society as a whole. The people we depend on to protect us from criminal aggressors should never become the aggressors themselves.

Most Recent Police Brutality - Excessive Force Posts

16 Oct 2007 Lewiston, Idaho Sergeant Joe Arnzen Lewiston, Idaho 83501
I was walking down the street, at night, about a half a block from my house. A police car pulled up next to me, going the wrong direction. The door opened, I remember hearing a ?stop?, and I looked do
06 Jan 2008 Tyler M. Shaw Asotin County Sheriff's Office Asotin, Washington 99403
Thanks for reading this bulletin-- The following happened in a jail where I am from... Tyler was a young man who was obviously mistreated and deserves to get some kind of justice for his death!! If th
06 Jan 2008 Tyler M. Shaw part 2 John Reed Asotin, Washington 99403
On or about November 20, 2005, Tyler Shaw summoned Officer Don Anderson and told him he had something he was not supposed to have. Tyler then showed him an apple and stated because he was on lockdown,
06 Jan 2008 Tyler M. Shaw conclusion Richard Muszynski Asotin, Washington 99403
Officer Reed opened the cell door. The Clarkston officers fired their tasers, both striking Tyler with the barbed darts. The officers report the tasers did not affect Tyler and he ran from them. Upon

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